Now there is one stop destination for your ware-washing needs, be it in commercial kitchens, restaurants and food manufacturing facilities. Evoluxe offers a full suite of proved ware-washing solutions at your doorsteps.

Evoluxe offers 2 key programmes to suit your unique needs. We offer centralized ware-washing services, whereby you could engage us as your partner to take care of all your ware-washing needs. We collect your soiled dishes, wash and sanitise them in our centralized facility and deliver the cleaned wares back to your doorsteps. Never have an outsourcing service been so easy and efficient.

We have a wide selection of commercial dishwashers for your selections. All these dishwashers are designed and fabricated in Singapore so as to meet the unique needs in this part of the world. We also offer customised solutions should you deem necessary. We have a team of well-trained technical support staff to ensure that your operations will be smooth-sailing.

Cleaning positions are jobs that are long shunned by locals. The recent tightening of foreign workforce poses another huge challenge to F&B establishments which are already trying to cope with rising business costs and increased competition. Cleaning of crockeries, cutleries and kitchenware are essential activities supporting the F&B businesses. F&B operators need to find a sustainable method to fulfill these cleaning activities while deploying their workforce in higher valued added and revenue generating activities to ensure profitability.